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Monkey Business
Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle
Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle
John Rolfe, Peter Troob

Haven't read a book in a long while,,, but I am finally having enough free time on my own to read books these days.

In this book, two guys who worked for a few years in the world of investment banking in Wall Street describes in great detail what it is like to be an investment banker. The very basic stance of both the authors is that "Investment Banking sucks and you should not dip your head into that kind of work". The writing style is very ironic and humorous.

To make it very simple, it was a hilarious book! Not just that, it also describes in detail the everyday work of an investment banker. After reading the book, you can really image what it would be like to work in an IB.

Some of the parts I liked:

Depiction of an analyst: "Monkeys", "Not humans, just monkeys crawling all over each other and pulling lice out of each other's fur", "Analysts are at the bottom of the sh*t heap", "They are... the scum below the scum at the bottom of a beer keg", etc

Depiction of how a pitch book gets shuffled among junior bankers, the word processing department, and senior bankers. It seems that the initial document that a junior banker submits gets modified and modified all over again, but the final document mostly ends up in the same exact form as it was in the beginning... This part is soooo funny. I was laughing out loud in Starbucks with a lot of ppl around me when I read this part...I think everyone who is looking for a job in IB should read this part at least once!

Depiction of the political interactions between a junior banker and ppl at the copy center... Wow, what a stupid, time wasting work...

Having read all this, I ask myself: Do you really want to go into investment banking?

It's a question I must keep in mind from now on.
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"Winning" by Jack Welch

I haven't read much these days, I mean I try to at least, but I'm usually just too lazy or don't have the time to do so. But I will try to update some book reviews as much as possible from now on to keep my head awake and to manage all the knowledge I gained from reading.

Well, I finally finished up reading this book written by Jack Welch. The title is "Winning", and it's Welch's newest book. I bought this in Michigan when Welch came over to the B-School to give out a lecture. I got his signature on the book too, hurray!

The book basically lays out Welch's thoughts and values in conducting real-life business. It's not those kind of "you should do..." books, Welch just shows all the moves he has and leaves judgements and evaluations up to the reader. At least this is the impression I had.

This book gave me a lot of implications regarding several personal career issues that I am facing now. The two major ones being; finding the right job and what HR ppl look for in choosing the right person to hire.

-Finding the right job: I realized that my own values don't differ that much with Welch's. Just keep looking into different places until you find a place that fits you. Quitting a job is not any sin.

-What HR ppl look for: I thought I'd qualify as a probable candidate under Welch's conditions. I was pretty encouraged by Welch's appraisal toward energetic & optimistic ppl cuz I think I satisfy those criteria.

I got a lot of impressing messages from this book, I'll just jot down some extracts from the book here:
-"When it comes to strategy, ponder less and do more"
-"life is only people"
-"people generally overrate their performance on the job"

I would really recommend this book to anyone looking to seek a first career in business. One set back would be that there's a lot of general opinions that seem kind of obvious.

Lastly, I think impressions toward this book would completely change depending on when you read it. The issues that each person can associate personally from the book would differ depending on what you are doing and how you think when you read the book. Well, I guess this applies for any kind of book...
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